Services for Non-Profits

Since 1999, EEI has worked with multiple non-profits, including the American Water Resources Association, United States Permafrost Association, International Permafrost Association, Intelligent Transportation Society of Alaska, and Alaska Conservation Alliance.  Our experience with these associations includes:

EEInternet was and continues to be the administrative engine behind the organization of the U.S. Permafrost Association and earlier the IPA’s Ninth International Conference on Permafrost held in summer 2008 in Alaska.

Both required design and maintenance of websites, development of budgets, fund raising, overall management, membership registration, and frequent communications across many scientific and engineering disciplines.

The staff is highly professional and responsive to diverse situations. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to other organizations.
IPA Jerry Brown, President, International Permafrost Association (2003-2008)
  • Conference Management
    • Meeting Websites
    • Online Registration
    • Sponsor Donation and Promotion
    • Session Podcasting
    • Field Trip Planning
    • Consulting  Services -  Meeting Organization,
      Management and Fundraising
  • Proceedings Development
    • Abstract/Paper Review Software
    • Paper Review and Editing
    • Online Publication of Abstracts, Papers, Presentations
      and Podcasts
  • Membership Management
    • Online Registration
    • Email Listserves
    • Social Networking (Blogs, Bulletin Boards, Wikipedia,
  • Internal Association Support
    • Email Listserves
    • Board/Committee Wikis
    • Board Meeting  Support/Participation
    • Office IT Support
  • Additional Support
    • Jobs Boards
    • Online Advertising
    • Publications Database/Shopping Cart