Cold Climate Housing Research Center (Fairbanks, AK) - In conjunction with Geo-Watershed Scientific, LLC, EEI provides online data reporting and visualizations services to CCHRC, on a variety of scientific projects being conducted by the organization on renewable energy, and cold-weather building material, and construction tests.

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American Water Resources Association
(Middleburg, VA)
- A national society of professional hydrologist, biologists, water resource managers, and water quality specialists interested in advancing water resources research and management.

Ninth International Conference on Permafrost (Fairbanks, AK) - Is an event specific website built for the US Permafrost Association and the International Permafrost Association. The conference will be held in Fairbanks, Alaska in the summer of 2008.
United States Permafrost Association (Fairbanks, AK) - An association formed to encourage scientific and engineering investigations in permafrost related topics and to disseminate results related to permafrost research


Oil Spill Recovery Institute (Cordova, AK) - An institute that supports research, educational projects and demonstration projects that address oil spills in Arctic and sub-Arctic marine environments.

EEIGeo Watersheds Scientific (Fairbanks, AK) - Geo-Watersheds Scientific (GW Scientific) works with research partners from universities, industry, and agencies to improve the understanding and management of water resources. EEI provides the internet infrastructure for monitoring station netwoks such as the Shishmaref Climate Study , where metereological sensors are deployed and data monitored in real time.
EEIKoman, Inc. (Anchorage, AK) - An Alaska Native Corporation-owned (8)a certified company licensed by the State of Alaska to provide civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and architectural design and construction services

EEINatives of Kodiak (Kodiak, AK) - An Alaska Native Urban Corporation dedicated to asset diversification, economic growth, progressive land management and shareholder pride for all generations.

EEITaiga Ventures (Fairbanks, AK) is the premier logistical support provider for any size remote project from natural resource exploration to environmental assessment and remediation to film production

EEIRestoration Scientific (Anchorage, AK) has provided integrated engineering, environmental and biological services to Alaskan communities for more than 15 years

EEIArctic Transportation Network (North Slope, AK) The objective of this project is to improve oil and gas transportation operations on the North Slope, Alaska